Privacy Policy

The present document discusses the issues of the privacy policy (further in the text referred to as the Privacy policy) applied by the Digital Energy Technologies Ltd. (further in the text referred to as the Company) issues, regarding all and any persons that make use of the Digital Energy Technologies Ltd. services (further in the text referred to as the Visitors). The concepts used in the Privacy policy mainly coincide with the concepts and their meanings defined in the Web hosting terms and conditions (further in the text referred to as the Terms of Service), except when certain concepts are independently defined in the present Privacy policy.

1. As to the present Privacy policy, services shall include all and any actions of a person that has visited the Website (further in the text referred to as the Visitor), which he may carry out in the Websites, including but not limited to reading the published information, subscription to services, downloading electronic files and publishing or receiving of any nature of information and / or data (further in the text referred to as the Services).

2. Using the Services the Visitor shall unconditionally agree with this Privacy policy, as well as with the other documents available on the Website, which establish the purposes and means of collecting information concerning the Visitor, conserving the said information and etc. If the Visitor does not agree with the present Privacy policy, he shall not be granted the right to use the Services.

Collected information

1. In order to use the Website and / or the Services, the Visitor may be required to register and to provide his or her personal information during the registration.

2. The Company at its discretion has right to use all of the information provided by the Visitor, which he or she submitted during the registration process, as well as any other information concerning the Visitor collected, received and / or accumulated by the Company by other means.

3. The information which is collected on the Visitor´s registration and / or usage of the Website and / or Services, is classified into anonymous and personal.

1. Anonymous information. The Company may collect the anonymous information related to facts, which cannot be applied to an individual visitor. E.g., the Company may collect certain information every time the Visitor visits the Website in order to provide higher quality services to the clients. The Company may also collect the Visitors' IP addresses, related data (e.g., the internet address of the last website, which the person has visited before his / her visit to the Website), as well as browser and operating system types. The Company may also collect common search yields from various search programs, oriented towards internal advertising, and the list of the 50 most popular search words. The Company may collect this information with the aim of direct marketing as well as the supervision and improvement of the Services. The Company may collect information regarding the Visitor´s answers to the questions that are brought forward in the Websites with the objective to establish the Visitor´s opinion about the Services and the advertisements published on the Websites. The Company may collect and conserve the said information about alll and any visitors, regardless if they are registered or not.

2. Personal information is the information regarding the data that exactly define who is the Visitor, such as name, address, etc. Such infotmation can be collected in addition to the anonymous information. The Company may collect the personal information from different parts of the Website in a number of ways which are listed below:

1. Registration: when the Visitor registers in the Website, he / she may be required to provide his / her personal information e-mail address only.

2. Additional registration: the Company may require to perform an additional registration and / or provide additional information about the Visitor. E.g., if the Visitor wishes to use paid Services, the Company may ask for a credit card number, Visitor´s telephone number, etc. If the information required by the Company is not provided, the Company may prevent the Visitor from the use of certain Services.

3. Correspondence and interaction: if the Visitor contacts the Company, it may retain the records of such correspondence and any other related information.

4. The Company may conserve the information about the Visitor on his accession to the net. This information shows the websites that are visited by the Visitor, the times and the frequency of the visits. The said information also includes the data that the Visitor sends within the net of the Company.

Persons receiving the information

1. The Company reserves the right to pass the information regarding the Visitor, which is selected at its discretion, to any third parties as long as it does not breach the applicable laws.

2. The Company draws the Visitor's attention to the fact that links to other internet sites can be published on the Website. Some of these internet sites can retain Visitor's personal information and commercial internet sites can be using „cookies" and „web beacons“ (so-called „web spies") in their advertisements in order to gather information about the Visitor. Please read Chapter 4 of the Privacy policy, where you will learn more about advertising in the Website. The Privacy policy of the Company and its provisions do not comprise the privacy policies and provisions regarding the information collection that are applied by the third parties. The Company is not and shall not be held responsible for the actions of any third parties that collect information about the Visitor.

„Cookies“, „Web beacons“ and their use

1. The Company may collect the anonymous information about the Visitor by means of „cookies" and „web beacons“ technologies.

2. „Cookie“ is a small text document with a unique identification number, which is transferred from the Website to the hard disc of the Visitor's computer in order for the internet site administrator to be able to distinguish the Visitor's computer and see the Visitor's activity in the internet. The unique number identifies the Visitor's browser every time the Visitor enters the Websites. „Cookie“ does not allow internet sites to remember any of the Visitor's personal information (such as the Visitor's name and address), which the Visitor could forget to protect.

3. „Cookie“ allows the Company to remember the Visitor's internet browser type automatically. In order to offer higher service quality to the Visitor, the Company may use „cookies“ for below listed reasons:

1. to be able to provide the most efficient and the highest quality services as possible. Retaining certain information in the „cookie“ documents or associating „cookie“ with the registration, favourite websites or a short Visitor's description in the Company's computer system. The Company can provide services for a greater number of visitors in a much quicker and more efficient manner. This information is usually conserved in an encoded manner, which can only be deciphered by the Company;

2. to protect the Visitor from illegal use of his login data;

3. to be able to keep statistics, such as the number and flow of visitors. Such information is usually not associated with the Visitor's personal information.

4. The use of „cookie“ is an industrial standard and therefore they are used in many internet sites. There is a possibility to prevent the „cookie“ infiltration in the Visitor's computer or prohibit any forms of „cookie“. In such case some Services may partly or completely stop functioning.

5. „Web beacons“, also known as GIFs or one-pixel GIFs, are small graphic documents, which the Company may place in the Website or e-mails that the Company sends to the Visitor. Together „cookies" and „web beacons“ allow the Company to calculate the number of unique visitors in certain internet sites and the number of displays of certain internet sites. By the means of using „web beacons“ the Company can learn how often a certain internet site, the advertisement of which was sent to the Visitor by e-mail, was visited. Such information is not associated with the Visitor's personal information.

6. Any of the picture in the Website can be a „web beacon". Third parties that advertise on the Website or by any other means may use „web beacons“ .

The use of Visitor's information

1. The Company at its discretion has the right to make comprehensive use of all the collected information about the Visitor in any way as long as it is not forbidden by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Listed below are the examples of the purposes for which the Company may use the collected information about the Visitor:

2. to be able to edit the Website contents as to what is the most relevant for the Visitor. In some cases the Company seeks to know the exact data about the Visitor in order to be able to offer special Services and directional advertising.

3. The Company collects the Visitor's anonymous data and shares them with the third parties (e.g., advertising contractors). The Company reveals to these persons the information about the number of Visitors, the number of Visitors that have seen a particular advertisement and / or clicked on a particular link in a particular Website, etc. The Company can also present all the demographic statistics of those Visitors, who noticed or clicked on the link of a particular advertising contractor. The Company can disclose the results of the anonymous surveys. None of the Visitor's personal information is usually disclosed during the process;

4. The Company uses common data for the statistical analysis of the Visitors' behaviour, seeking to establish the Visitors' needs and analyse how and where the available resources could be used in the most efficient manner. Without these data the Company would not know which Website sections are the most popular and could not adequately modify its contents and the offered services;

5. The Company accumulates a common list of search words from various search programs. Such information is accumulated anonymously and is used for the development, supervision and improvement of the Services, in order to improve directional advertising and with other aims;

6. The Company may use Visitor's personal information to contact the Visitor and inform him / her about modified or updated Services, Visitor's accounts or infringements of Terms and conditions, also what concerns other objectives of the proper execution of this Agreement;

7. The Company may send e-mails or mails by post, as well as short messages (sms) to the Visitor's mobile phone, containing information about the Services, which according to the Company could possibly be of the Visitor's interest. The Company may combine the information it has about the Visitor with the information the third parties have about the Visitor in order to be able to offer interesting offers and new Services to the latter;

8. The Visitor's credit card information, telephone number and other data may be used while collecting and accumulating the information related to the Visitor's use of the paid Services.

Modification of the Visitor's information

1. The Visitor can and, under the circumstances settled in the Terms and conditions, must update and / or modify his / her data, if the said data have changed.

Information safety measures

1. The Company uses software and other measures which are intended to protect all Visitors' data. Only the authorized representatives of the Company can have access to the Visitor's data. Credit card numbers that are used to pay for the paid Services are specially encoded by sending such information via internet.

2. The Company reminds that the Visitor is held solely responsible for the privacy of all of his / her data. The Company asks the Visitors to use and keep their data with due care. The Visitor should disconnect from the browser after having finished his / her work in order to prevent other persons' access to the Visitor's e-mail, personal information, especially when working with public or shared computers ( e.g., in a internet café, library, etc.).

3. The Company undertakes to attempt to protect Visitor's personal data that it deals with, however it must be taken into account that Visitor's information is sent via internet and the Company cannot and does not guarantee the security of any information submitted by the Visitor, including his / her personal data.

Protection of under age persons

1. The Company is concerned with the protection of the under age persons' rights and limits their access to usage of certain Services. The Visitor is also held responsible not only for his / her behaviour in the Website but for that of his / her under age children or other tutored persons as well, if the said persons use the Website in the Visitor's presence, with his / her permission or using the Visitor's computer equipment.

2. The Visitor can find more information on children and under age persons' protection from harmful internet influence at

Software and its installation

1. The Company can make available for installation software, chosen at its discretion, which is intended for the use of certain Services. The Visitor understands and agrees with the fact that the Company may limit his / her access to use certain Services in cases when certain software is not installed. Such software can be created by either the Company or the third parties. Software can be created in such a manner that it automatically contacts the Company's or the third parties' software and / or devices in order to make the installed software function and also to inform the Visitor about the updates or improvements of such software.

Place of storage for personal identification information

1. The Visitor understands and agrees with the fact that his / her data as well as any other information, which concerns the Visitor and is collected by the Company, can be stored either in the Republic of Lithuania or in any other foreign country. Using the Services the Visitor agrees with the transference of any information that concerns him / her, including his / her personal data, outside the borders of the Visitor's country.

Measures to be taken by the Visitor to protect his / her information

1. The Company advises the Visitor to take due care and not to disclose any personal information (such as the real Visitor's name, personal code, e-mail address and etc.) to the third parties while using the Services. Such information can be used against the Visitor's interests or for committing fraud, sending spam, etc.

2. The Company seeks to protect under age persons that use the Services, however, the Company has no means to protect such persons after they leave the Website. The Company advises the Visitor to warn the under age persons that, while using the Website and / or the Services, they should not share their personal information with any third persons.

3. The Company draws the parents' attention to the possibility to use programs which prevent the access of under-age persons to inappropriate information available on the internet.

Contact us

1. Questions concerning the Privacy policy should be sent to: Contact Form


1. The Company has the right to modify the Privacy policy unilaterally at any time and such changes shall come into effect after they have been published in the Website. If the Visitor uses the Website and / or Services after the publication of the Privacy policy modifications, it is considered that he / she agrees with all said changes. Provided the Visitor disagrees with the modified content of the Privacy policy, he / she shall lose the right to use the Services.

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