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Haphost Free VPS Hosting

Get up and running in no time.

Free VPS Hosting Details

Unfortunately, we no longer run our free VPS hosting promotion. Most websites that promote this kind of service these days will spam you with ads.
We highly recommend looking at some of our paid plans, we have many options including cheap VPS hosting.

Free Intuitive Control Panel

Use Haphost custom made control panel for easy service administration. This web-based interface allows you to create and manage your server without struggle. Our user-friendly management system operates faster and is less complex than other control panels on the market. What’s more - our custom made control panel enables Haphost users to manage both VPS and shared hosting accounts at the same time!

SSH and Full Root Access

Get a full Root access and your own private server for free! Use any SSH Client and connect to your Root user as soon as you get your server. Full Root users can perform a variety of actions on a server, including accessing and editing files on the server, installing, configuring and uninstalling server-wide applications and programs.

Various Linux OS

Linux OS is the predominant software for web servers. Not only it’s free and open source, Linux OS is considered to be a more secure and reliable operating system. Need CentOS? Debian? Ubuntu? Various distributions and versions are available with Haphost Free Linux VPS Hosting!

Premium Data Center

Modern centers with high technology and security standards, located in Europe, Africa and South America, will keep your virtual server running faster, more efficient and with top level stability! Premium data centers offer a reliable environment that meets multiple hosting requirements, including security, full connectivity and assure 99.9% uptime.

No ads or Banners

Haphost maintains an ads-free policy which guarantees 100% clean pages. This means that users never see any undesirable and annoying advertisements, text-ads, pop-ups or banners on their websites.

Community Support

Community support is available at Haphost forum 24/7 and is based on mutual assistance and shared knowledge. Highly trained and experienced Haphost IT professionals constantly provide helpful information and video tutorials on a variety of subjects.

About Free VPS Hosting

Free VPS hosting provides Haphost customers with the independence and flexibility they need. VPS guarantees the dedicated resources with full control which makes it highly suitable for everyone. Full control enables VPS users to manage their own server however they prefer.

Flexible and High Performance

While using Haphost VPS be sure that you will avoid unexpected server crashes and slow-downs. VPS has its own independent OS, so you can start, stop or reboot the machine without affecting any other machine hosted on same physical server. Run customized programs and achieve better performance without effort and heavy investment.

Data Center Locations

1. Germany - Our main data center is located in Frankfurt, Germany. High power efficiency, top security standards, climate control and 24/7 maintenance assures uninterrupted operation and fast response times.
2. South Africa - A specialized VPS hosting data center in South Africa is supplied with cutting edge equipment. Uninterrupted power supply, redundant cooling and access control maintains stability and velocity of Haphost services.