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Haphost VPS Hosting

Affordable and fast virtual private servers.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Pricing

$5 /mo
1 CPU Core
20 GB Storage
1 TB Bandwidth
$10 /mo
1 CPU Core
40 GB Storage
2 TB Bandwidth
$20 /mo
2 CPU Core
60 GB Storage
4 TB Bandwidth
$40 /mo
4 CPU Core
100 GB Storage
5 TB Bandwidth
Please refer to our fair use policy.
We have additional cPanel, WHMCS & Softaculous licensing options, find them here.

All VPS Hosting Plans Include

High Network Speed

1 Gbit network uplink ensures quick data downloads, uploads and speedy access to your server.

Complete Control

You can power your VPS on and off and reinstall the operating system at any time with our control panel.

Free Dedicated IP

All VPS hosting plans include a dedicated IP for free. Add extra IPs for just $3 per month.

Generous Disk Space

Get up to 100 GB and divide your resources into as many pieces as you wish.

DDoS Protection

All VPS plans include DDoS Protection to keep your server online, even under attack.


You have complete control over your Virtual Private Server to configure it to best fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my virtual private server account setup take?

All VPS Hosting accounts are set up immediately after your purchase. However, if you pay using a credit card, it might take up to a few hours for us to proceed your payment.

How many IP Addresses do I get?

All Haphost VPS plans include 1 IP address. You can purchase additional IPs for $3 per month.

What can I host on my Virtual Private server?

Virtual Private Servers are meant for light to medium compute loads, such as web hosting, private email servers or small software projects. Using a Haphost VPS for file sharing, torrents, sending unsolicited emails, streaming or crypto mining is not allowed. To find out more, please read our Terms of Service.

What Virtualization Technology do you use?

All Haphost Virtual Private Servers run on KVM technology. KVM is true virtualization where the VPS operates as its own server, independently of the host node. This means you can run custom kernels, such as CloudLinux.

What data center locations are available?

All Haphost VPS servers will be deployed in our Tampa, Florida data center. Other data centers are available on request.